Circlingo is a "social membrane" for kids who like to go online, play and interact with other kids.

Driven by the need to provide a level of security for kids that is appropriate for their age and ability to make informed good choices, we came up with the idea that our games and websites needed to be flexible. We strive to keep the bad stuff out and let very limited stuff through the social membrane for younger kids. We also ensure that the social membrane will be much more pervious for older kids by allowing more stuff in and more stuff out while still providing a level of security that protects their online identity and is fully compliant with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

The Circlingo Social Membrane surrounds our games. It provides great social interaction with other kids. It enables them to share photos, send email and social text to one or many—all while running powerful filters and monitored by the Cirlingo modsquad.

Circlingo is available to other game sites, kids’ social networks and websites targeting kids under 13.

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