SqwishLand collectibles can be found in just about every vending machine around the USA and Canada and in other far-reaching places in the world.

In June 2011, SqwishLand reached an amazing milestone - we shipped our 100,000,000th "soft'n squishy™ SqwishLand® collectible.

What adds to the toys' popularity is the secret sauce of SqwishLand—the small piece of paper that contains the SqwishCode and goes into every capsule. These codes drive kids to the Virtual World at www.sqwishland.com and prompt them to download apps and games onto their mobile devices.

SqwishLand toys, accessories and craft products available in retail stores are a hit with kids and parents alike and the online game has had some of the best reviews in its category from Mommy Bloggers and the mainstream press. Click here to read what others have to say about SqwishLand.