If you have an idea for a toy or a game concept, we would love to hear about it. Please note, however, that the company maintains a very strict policy against reviewing such unsolicited proposals from individual inventors. To protect you, the inventor, and us, the company, we prefer that proposals first undergo a discovery process. We are always working on new ideas, products and innovation and there is a chance that some of our ideas may be strikingly similar to yours. As we like to say, no great idea is thought of in isolation.

We suggest you contact a toy and games agent who represents the concepts and prototypes of independent inventors to various manufacturers throughout the toy and games industry. A local Trade Association may be able to provide a list of agents for you who could sell the proposed new product within the industry.

If you do not have an agent and you wish to contact us directly, you must call and speak to our inventor relations executive first or fill out this form and schedule a phone call or a chat via Skype.

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